Storm the Palace, Virgin of the Birds, Invitation to Love

Our penultimate show of year is with long time friends of the label Storm The Palace

StP will be coming to us all the way Edinburgh as part of their Winter tour, and they will be bringing Virgin of the Birds with them. VotB is singer-songwriter John Rooney' solo project, founded in San Francisco and now based in Seattle. John is also the founder of Abandoned Love Records, which includes Storm The Palace it its roster. Finally, we will have Coventry's own Invitation to Love who will whisk you away with their synthesiser swoon-pop.

Come and join us, this will not be your average show!

Gunther Prague and Superhooch

Our next promotion will be back at the Tin on November 19th when we will be bring you two of the city's finest alternative rock bands on the same bill for the first time.

If you follow goings on at Creature Lab closely you will know all about Gunther Prague: Deliberately awkward, louder than necessary. Influenced by Shellac, Mclusky, Harvey Milk, Black Eyes, and King Crimson... Expect twenty songs in barely more than half an hour and an  appearance from the mysterious "lieutenant". Gunther Prague are currently finishing an album which will be their third release in 18 months.

Superhooch: Two guitars, drums and bass, a singer's voice that'll melt your face, fuzz, feedback and almighty riffs! Fusing blues, garage rock, stoner and psychadelia, Superhooch are ready to convert you!

CLR010: In Liverpool, We'll Barn Dance

How does it feel to be British Born Chinese and line dance in Liverpool? How does it feel be pummelled into submission in the boxing ring by a movie director? How does it feel to fail gloriously with your very best friends?

Creature Lab's tenth release will be Duck Thieves' new EP which will help you to answer these burning questions! It will appear on all major streaming services on October 22nd.

The record's release will be marked by a spectacular party at a special venue. The UK's only professional shopfront theatre, home to Theatre Absolute, will play host to four of the most creative and unique musical acts that the local DIY scene has to offer:

Delightful Young Mothers will perform a full band set of their beautifully written, accordion driven, punk-influenced songs with a lineup that includes members of Batsch and Marker Starling.

Nim Chimpsky describe their music as "by chimps, for champs" and have quickly become cult favourites on the local scene since they first appeared less than a year ago. A noisy, technicolour monster.

Invitation to Love are named after the trashy television romance from Twin Peaks... after that, describing them gets tricky. Surrounded in mystery, ITL shows are rare and never fail to be worth seeing.

Of course, topping the show will be Duck Thieves themselves, telling their tales in a style a bit like pantomime soundtracked by Queen. Expect chaos, dance routine, barely believable numbers of props and costume changes, and expect to smile and dance for forty minutes solid.

Creature Kucha

Steve was really pleased to be asked to speak at the recent Pecha Kucha Coventry event "My City of Culture". Coventry is bidding to be the UK City of Culture in 2021, and this one of a number of events planned in the run up to the submission of the bid itself in 2018. Steve spoke about the importance of DIY gigs, and why Coventry is perfect for musicians who are brave enough to take responsibility and put on their own  shows. The slides and audio will eventually be uploaded in the Pecha Kucha Coventry website and we'll provide a link when they go up.

Creature Lab vs The Siren

The show at Inspire at the end of May was easily one of our favourites of all time... a real reminder why DIY gigs are so much fun and worth the hard work. We'd like to record our thanks to everybody that came out (the venue estimated 120+), the bands for putting on such good shows and particularly Mick Leape and his staff at Inspire for hosting us.

Ghosts of Dead Airplanes

Ghosts of Dead Airplanes

Gunther Prague

Gunther Prague





Charlie Jack

Charlie Jack

This was our first even "Pay What You Want" gig, and we're pleased to report that people gave generously when prompted by The Lieutenant and we were able to split a decent pot between the acts. DIY! 

The Lieutenant 

The Lieutenant 

Live at Inspire: May 28th

For our next gig, Creature Lab will be teaming up with The Siren to take over Inspire - a venue in the base of a 13th Century church spire - on May 28th. We're really proud of the bill which includes you some of the finest bands from the city and beyond. We've previewed the lineup below...

Headlining will be the excellent Ghosts of Dead Airplanes who are warming up for a "dirty, miserablist summer" (their words not ours) ahead of the third instalment of their Yr Welcome festival over in Birmingham.

CLR will be represented by our very own Gunther Prague. If you're taking the trouble to read this, your probably know them by now: deliberately awkward, louder than necessary, they're that Ligs band

We are particularly excited about getting a look at Oxford's Cherokee: an all-out two-man attack of distorted bass and drums. Here's a live performance of their song "Smoking Gun" .

Another band warming up for bigger things this summer are Ravens: Cov's own post punk favourites who have just been announced for the main stage at this year's Godiva Festival.

Jaghana will bring us their dreamy pyschout rock fresh from what we understand was a pretty special show in at the South Bank Club in Bristol at the end of March. Hear their "Forest Behind The Dreams" EP here.

It is really good to see Delightful Young Mothers back in action after a quiet few months. Don't make the mistake of thinking that an accordian player is out of place on this bill. Cedric's punk inspired songs will change your mind if you're still not sure, we promise.

Gunther Prague Live Review

Here's a nice live review from Gunther Prague's recent show at The Brixton Windmill by Mark Gordon Palmer, who was pretty impressed with Chris's dress sense (as well as the show itself of course!)

"Other support bands were also rightfully angry and really very good, especially the raucous rampaging roof beam-lifting of metal band GUNTHER PRAGUE (from Coventry it seems) who, with their quietly-stanced bassist in a sharp suit who looked a little like Mike from the Young Ones and who I had also shared a space at the bar with earlier (yep - I'm starting to sound like a proper stalker now) amid a wealth of sweaty guys in black cotton, proved that it's always the quiet ones who know how to make enough noise to burst your eardrum's heart. Impactful of pure red rash sound and stage presence, this is a band certainly worth remembering and following, so I will."

The full text is here.

Duck Thieves - Copycat - CLR009

DUCK THIEVES are back! On March 19th, "Copycat" will be released via Creature Lab. The three track EP  features three favourites from the band's superb live show: "Copycat", "Golden Ninja Warrior" and "Nowa Huta". Expect the usual big guitar solos and subject matter including the counterfeit art from China, feuds over terrible kung fu movies and even communist town planning. 

The band will perform at Revolt, Coventry's excellent DIY / Riot Grrrl /  Ruckus night on March 19th to mark the release.

Gunther Prague - Blue EP - CLR008

Our first release of the year, and our eighth all told will be Gunther Prague's "Blue EP", which will be available from March 5th.

GP Blue EP - Cover for Online Versions.jpg

This is a speedy follow up to the band's "Green EP" which was released in September, and like it's predecessor it was recorded in just twelve hours. The release is being marked with gigs in Coventry and London, with the main launch at The Tin on March 5th.

Gunther Prague have already started work on a full length album, with the first sessions at the Moonbase Recording Studios booked for early February.

Duck Thieves at Love Music, Hate Homophobia, Biphobia, Transphobia

This weekend, Duck Thieves had the privilege of headlining the Love Music, Hate Homophobia, Biphobia, Transphobia gig at The Tin in Coventry, which was organised by Coventry Pride.  The gig was also part of Independent Venue Week, and we were really proud to have a Creature Lab band supporting two good causes in one go. Here are some of Adele Reed's pictures from a brilliant evening. The gig was also filmed, and we will tell you a bit more about that soon.

CLR's 2015 in Pictures

Now that 2015 is done and dusted, we've finished choosing our favourite pictures from CLR related events over the year.

"Crackle Ok" Review

What better way to start off Creature Lab's 2016 than with a 2015 review of an album that we put out in 2014? 

In November, Tom Claybrook of Noisy Dirty City wrote some very kind words about our first ever release which he calls an "astronomical and fantastical voyage"... You can read the full review here.

Crackle OK - Booklet Page 1 Cover - CD Baby.jpg

NDC is well worth a bookmark. Their review of the latest Evans the Death album is also well worth a look, and we happen to know that band themselves were pretty pleased with it. (Yeah we've got connections and that!)

2015 Wrap Up...

We are pretty much finished for the year here at Creature Lab...  We've managed four new releases and two re-releases, and put on some really fun shows. There are a couple to report back on since we last posted here:

La Bete Blooms

La Bete Blooms

Late Starters celebrated the launch of their Pigtown and C-Boys EP by supporting the excellent La Bete Blooms at the Tin on October 30th.

Resurrection Men

Resurrection Men

On November 29th, Gunther Prague and Resurrection Men had a good go at destroying the foundations at Drapers with what was comfortably the loudest show we've ever put on.

Finally, last weekend Duck Thieves had the privilege of opening for two excellent bands signed to Fortuna Pop! at a packed Kitchen Club Presents... night at The Tin. Chorusgirl and The Spook School both put on amazing shows, and our own Duck Thieves went down a storm too. Possibly our favourite show of the year... We had Chorusgirl staying at Creature Lab HQ and they were lovely house-guests!

Silvi Wersing of Chorusgirl

Silvi Wersing of Chorusgirl

There will be one more outing for a Creature Lab band this year, and we'll let you know about that shortly.