Gunther Prague Live Review

Here's a nice live review from Gunther Prague's recent show at The Brixton Windmill by Mark Gordon Palmer, who was pretty impressed with Chris's dress sense (as well as the show itself of course!)

"Other support bands were also rightfully angry and really very good, especially the raucous rampaging roof beam-lifting of metal band GUNTHER PRAGUE (from Coventry it seems) who, with their quietly-stanced bassist in a sharp suit who looked a little like Mike from the Young Ones and who I had also shared a space at the bar with earlier (yep - I'm starting to sound like a proper stalker now) amid a wealth of sweaty guys in black cotton, proved that it's always the quiet ones who know how to make enough noise to burst your eardrum's heart. Impactful of pure red rash sound and stage presence, this is a band certainly worth remembering and following, so I will."

The full text is here.