CLR010: In Liverpool, We'll Barn Dance

How does it feel to be British Born Chinese and line dance in Liverpool? How does it feel be pummelled into submission in the boxing ring by a movie director? How does it feel to fail gloriously with your very best friends?

Creature Lab's tenth release will be Duck Thieves' new EP which will help you to answer these burning questions! It will appear on all major streaming services on October 22nd.

The record's release will be marked by a spectacular party at a special venue. The UK's only professional shopfront theatre, home to Theatre Absolute, will play host to four of the most creative and unique musical acts that the local DIY scene has to offer:

Delightful Young Mothers will perform a full band set of their beautifully written, accordion driven, punk-influenced songs with a lineup that includes members of Batsch and Marker Starling.

Nim Chimpsky describe their music as "by chimps, for champs" and have quickly become cult favourites on the local scene since they first appeared less than a year ago. A noisy, technicolour monster.

Invitation to Love are named after the trashy television romance from Twin Peaks... after that, describing them gets tricky. Surrounded in mystery, ITL shows are rare and never fail to be worth seeing.

Of course, topping the show will be Duck Thieves themselves, telling their tales in a style a bit like pantomime soundtracked by Queen. Expect chaos, dance routine, barely believable numbers of props and costume changes, and expect to smile and dance for forty minutes solid.