Independent Venue Week at The Tin

For our first shows of the year will join forces with The Tin to put on two nights of noise-rock in support of Independent Venue Week. Headliners for both nights come from the Creature Lab roster, with the rest of the bill made up of the very best DIY alternative bands from the City of Coventry and friends we've made from further afield.

Friday 27th January

Resurrection Men
A three-pronged guitar attack producing gloomy atmospherics and hypnotic waves of noise, the band puts on a live show that is felt as much as it is heard, and is not easily forgotten. Often too quickly categorised as "stoner rock", they threw genres aside with their long-awaited full length album "Resurrection Men Must Die" in 2014 and are now preparing to record a follow up.

Distorted misunderstanding faces of music, "we don't know where we're going but we know where we are" they chant as they close their massive iron gates to the rehearsal room. Today music is very hard to understand, mostly it's hard to understand where this crap is unearthed from. But there is one thing I know true....THORIA have a shovel and it's got four handles.... shovel away lads...SHOVEL AWAY.

Saturday 28th of January

Gunther Prague
Deliberately awkward, louder than necessary. Influenced by Shellac, Mclusky, Harvey Milk, Killing Joke, Black Eyes, and King Crimson... Expect twenty songs in barely more than half an hour and an appearance from the mysterious "lieutenant". Gunther Prague are currently finishing an album which will be their third release in eighteen months.

The Infinite Three
Taking cues from noise-rock, dub effects, drone and metal, The Infinite Three's songs are warped constructions grounded in heavy repetition and clattering dissonance. “If you’ve got a soft spot in your heart for ’90s noise rock like Cop Shoot Cop or the post-punk sound of Killing Joke, then you’ll be interested in hearing UK band The Infinite Three… psychedelic, droning, and hypnotic.” – Metal Insider

The city's newest alternative rock/post punk band, who use thick jangley tones, and furious rhythms to tell tales of strange places and dark things. A must see.