Gunther Prague and Superhooch

Our next promotion will be back at the Tin on November 19th when we will be bring you two of the city's finest alternative rock bands on the same bill for the first time.

If you follow goings on at Creature Lab closely you will know all about Gunther Prague: Deliberately awkward, louder than necessary. Influenced by Shellac, Mclusky, Harvey Milk, Black Eyes, and King Crimson... Expect twenty songs in barely more than half an hour and an  appearance from the mysterious "lieutenant". Gunther Prague are currently finishing an album which will be their third release in 18 months.

Superhooch: Two guitars, drums and bass, a singer's voice that'll melt your face, fuzz, feedback and almighty riffs! Fusing blues, garage rock, stoner and psychadelia, Superhooch are ready to convert you!